Outdoor Night Safe. A Convenient Headlamps that Clip-On with 5-LED Head Lights and Hands-free Cap Hat Clip Lamp Flash / Steady ON

  • $3.78

 Outdoor Night Safe. A Convinient Headlamp That Clips-On with 5-LED Head Lights and Hands-Free Cap Hat Clip Lamp Flash/ Steady ON. These headlamps allow for a convenient way to light up your work area. Weather you're Cycling, Hiking, Camping, Fishing or any other activity these headlight are perfect.

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Item: Headlight
Brand Name: Konesky
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Certification: CE,RoHS
Switch Mode: Strobe
Battery Type: CR2032
Beam Angle: 180°
Waterproof: No
Purpose: cycling, hiking, camping, climbing, fishing and other outdoor activity
Model Number: Clip-On Head Light